Driver CPC Periodic Training Course Delivery Audit Report Nov 2015

Good Audit News from SRC Driver Training:  Executive Summary: The course was delivered in a suitable training environment by a trainer who demonstrated consummate knowledge of the subject matter.

The trainer provided in-depth explanations of the topics and excellent practical demonstrations. He showed extensive communication skills, maintained an excellent rapport with the trainees and encouraged them to participate throughout the audit period.

Report Observations: ID/Licence checks were seen to be carried prior to the start of the course. Two of the names on the Attendance/Registration form were chosen at random for audit purposes and a review of each trainee's ID documents provided sufficient evidence to conclude that the checks had been satisfactorily completed. In addition, fifteen names were entered, which matched the number of trainees in attendance.

The training room, which had adequate heating, lighting and ventilation, was laid out in a typical classroom style with the PowerPoint presentation displayed on a screen at the front. The trainer was also positioned at the front of the room, which ensured that he was visible to all in attendance. Sufficient seating was provided for the trainees, text and graphics in the PowerPoint presentation were legible and there were no significant distractions or disruptions during the audit period.

 The course introduction was seen to include:

 (a) A safety briefing covering Fire Emergency procedures.

 (b) The Course Programme, including topics and breaks.

 (c) Information on the fair processing of trainee data.

 (d) A learning contract that included mobile phone protocols, confidentiality, participation and     the need for trainees to share mutual respect.

 (e) The course aim/objectives.

 (f) A system for establishing trainee pre-existing knowledge of the course subject matter.

The learning materials, equipment and training room had all been suitably prepared prior to the proposed start time for the course and, during the audit period, the course content was seen to be suitable and relevant to the industry sector of the drivers in attendance.

The trainer spoke with confidence, clarity and at length without the need to refer to the PowerPoint presentation/trainers notes for support. He readily answered trainee questions, gave numerous, detailed examples of his own experiences in the subject matter, provided excellent practical demonstrations and utilised the Flip chart and a wide variety of training aids to great effect. Using 'open' and 'closed' questions that were directed at both the group and individuals he encouraged every member of the group to participate throughout the audit period, during both Question & Answer sessions and practical exercises. In addition, he shared his attention among all those present and ensured that trainee questions and discussions remained focused on the course subject matter.

There was no evidence of any uncontrolled/side discussions. Whilst introducing an appropriate measure of humour, he animated his delivery and varied his vocal pitch/volume to good effect, thereby maintaining the full interest of the delegates. Knowledge transfer was checked using Q&A sessions during and at the end of each main topic and opportunities for trainee questions & clarification were provided.

An Evaluation Questionnaire was seen to be available for each trainee to complete and they confirmed they had received Certificates of Attendance for courses delivered by the Centre that they had previously attended.


SRC Driver Training Room
SRC Driver Training Room
SRC Driver Training Room
SRC Driver Training Room

Posted by Gordon Coldwell on November 13th 2015

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